GT500’s at SEMA – Street, Strip, and Track

Shelby GT500 At SEMAAt this year’s SEMA event Ford showcased three flavors of the 2007 GT500, each courtesy of different tuners. From a grocery getter to an all out drag car, these GT500’s fit the need of pretty much anyone looking for a high performance ride.

There is a patriotic theme here as well – one painted red, one white and one, you guessed it, blue. The red car is a GT500 dragster, an all-out drag racer ready to win any mod-motor class. The white Mustang is a GT500 Road and Track, a car that can be driven to work Monday through Friday and raced at the track on the weekend. The blue Shelby is an all-out competition GT500 race car.

Follow along as we take a closer look at these Road and Track’s, Paul’s High Performance, and Professional Road Racer versions. Note that the descriptions used for these cars were pulled from the spec sheets at SEMA.

Road and Track

From Monday morning to the closing bell of Friday afternoon, it’s a daily driver, as accustomed running to the grocery store as it is back and forth to and from the office. But on the weekends, it’s demeanor does a 180, as it claims the title of weekend warrior and leaves the 9 to 5 behind.

GT500 Road And Track

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Paul’s High Performance: Dragin’ Snake

The team at Paul’s High Performance (PHP) pays homage to Carrol Shelby and his team at Shelby American with the PHP Dragin’ Snake. It is made for pure performance, and built to break performance records at that very same stretch of quarter mile.

Paul's High Performance GT500

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Professional Road Racer

When they named this shelby a Professional Road Racer, they did it for a reason, as it is no casual observer. This is a vehicle that lives to race. In fact, it was purpose-built for that very reason.

GT500 Professional Road Racer

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“For Ford, this really is one of our Kodak moments,” says Bob Adams, a manager in Ford Motor Company’s Global Auto Show Strategy Department. “We’ve got the three flavors of Shelby all in one place. This is a dramatic showcase of some fantastic cars.”

“If you look back at what the historic Shelby cars were used for, they were drag raced, they were driven on the track, they were driven Monday through Friday and raced on the weekends,” says Adams. “These historic Shelby vehicles show that we’ve been in the performance business for a long time — not only back when the muscle car wars started, but we’ve been producing Mustangs throughout. And unlike our competition, who can only promote their past, we’re delivering the metal today.”