Heavy Hitter

dsc02331-webcopy.jpgIts been a while since we have featured a S197 on the homepage. And this should have been done long ago. Glenn Pradzinski aka HEAVYGT is the owner of the beautiful ride. Glenn lives in Bartlett Illinois. The car was bought with only 1700 miles on it and Glenn has turned it into the monster that you see today! Glenn would like to give a big shout-out to Erin May aka Emay. Without Erin’s work Glenn never could have done it on his own.dsc02334.jpgTo start things off to hide whats under that hood Glenn choose the Cervini Eleanor hood, which looks bad ass by the way. Moving back he went with Agent 47 race mirrors. He went with Cervini again when he chose their quarter window and lower scoops. To finish off those aggressive edges Glenn went with the GT500 rear spoiler. You would be crazy to say that this is not one of the cleanest S197’s on the road today. Good work Glenn!dsc02338.jpgYou don’t see many S197’s with a stance that nice anywhere you go. Glenn decided to go with the Eibach Pro Kit for his spring setup to give it that nice aggressive stance. He also wanted it to be able to get down and hook when he needed it to so he went with QA1 adjustable rear drag shocks, BMR lower and upper control arms, Steeda rear sway bar and chassis links. He had to have a nice set of wheels to compliment that mean stance so he went with American Racing Shelby Bullitt Wheels with some fat MT rears. This thing just screams power.cimg0585.jpgNow you know something that looks that aggressive and has those fat MT’s out back has to have something backing it up. Well Glenn definitely does. How does a Kenne Bell 2.6L pushing 10psi of boost sound? It sounds freaking awesome if you ask me. Glenn also decided to slap on a GMS Twin 62mm TB to help push a little more of that air into the motor. To free up some rotational mass he bolted up a Spyder Shaft Aluminum drive shaft. To help some of that air escape Glenn chose to go with Kooks long tubes, custom catted h-pipe and SLP’s loud mouth exhaust. To give him the extra kick in the pants he went with FRPP 4.10’s. All of this coupled with a 100 octane race tune makes for one bad ass machine!dsc02320-1.jpgGlenn’s future plans include a larger Moroso intercooler reservoir and a Livernois Motorsports 298 stroker short block. And we can’t wait. Congratulations Glenn for being our August Ride of The Month!