Holy @#$% Someone Put AmericanMuscle on TV Also, Hell Freezes Over and Pigs Take to the Sky


Surely a sign of the looming apocalypse, AmericanMuscle.com recently went under the bright lights, and behind the scenes of a nationally broadcast TV show, SPEED TV’s hit game show Pass Time. Filmed on location at many of America’s favorite grass roots drag strips, Pass Time offers a chance for any would-be drag racer, whether first timer or experienced pro, Mustang or minivan, to make a run pass as two contestants attempt to predict 1/4-mile drag times to win cash. Simply put, “Guess the time, win the cash – it’s that easy,” according to show host Brett Wagner.

As the current owner of three Ponies, AmericanMuscle.com on-the-phone Mustang expert Karen Baum is no stranger to the track. In fact, she’s been drag racing Mustangs for years, but never before in front of the cameras of a popular TV show. Karen, and fellow AmericanMuscle staffer Dave Kaeck, took their Mustangs to Maryland International Raceway where Pass Time producers selected the AmericanMuscle customer service rep out of 500 candidates to “make a pass” on camera. Driving an AmericanMuscle-prepped ‘03 GT Coupe, the Mustang enthusiast put the pedal to the metal and left all expectations in the dust in her first primetime appearance.

While Karen was getting ready for her SPEED TV debut, AmericanMuscle went behind the scenes to get a first-hand look at how Pass Time producers can turn a day at the drag strip into an engaging game show. From the host Brett Wagner, to Ken “The House” Herring, to Paige the ultra-hot car wrangler, these on-air personalities form the heart of the show. Add in two long days of passionate behind-the-scenes work and somehow the dedicated Pass Time team manages to turn out nine speed-filled episodes every time they pull into a drag strip.

To get a better look at AmericanMuscle’s time at Pass Time, visit: http://blog.AmericanMuscle.com/, or go for the YouTube video go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uF-6SZ6J61Q.