King Of Dids


Member:  Mickey
Car:  El Barricade

The Houston dwelling Saleen loving Mickey is January’s featured member!

MM:  The Barricade,  care to tell us how you acquired it?

Mickey:  I acquired the car in March of 2007.  How it all started was when I saw my first S197 Saleen in November of 06,  I thought I had died and gone to heaven when it roared by me.  I told all my friends and family I would buy one soon enough.  Parents refused to take me seriously but they had not realized how much money I had saved for a down payment.  I surprised everyone by getting the money for a down payment and took the plunge on a used Saleen 3V.  Black,  of course,  like the first one I had seen

MM:  Did you ever wish you could take it back?

Mickey:  What kind of question is that…**** no.


MM:  You made approximately eight threads concerning cams and your car.  Is it fair to say you’re excited about the new performance?

Mickey:  Come by and I will take you for a ride…should answer the question for you…

MM: You have started only 88 threads,  which does not put you in the top 100 for thread starters and your 2,847 posts don’t qualify you for the top 50 (Your 61st in posts) in posts either.  However you are 18th on this site in rep points…..What’s your secret?

Mickey:  Secret?  I don’t think I have one,  I just make random smartass comments and I guess some people think they are funny.  I guess it helps?

MM:  The Gentleman’s Club,  Who will never be allowed in?

Mickey:  Dude I have no idea what the gentlemen’s club is.  I got a PM the other day with the password but still don’t know what the heck it is.

MM:  If the Zippee and 06RedfireGt got into a carrot wielding sword fight, who would win?

Mickey:  They would tie of course…they will call truce once they both had their mouths on each others carrots.


MM:  If you could trade cars with anyone on this forum whom would you trade with?

Mickey:  I don’t want to sound cocky,  but there is no one else’s car on this forum I would rather have.  I love my car too much.  I am definitely envious of some the track times and power numbers these cars are making,  but that aspect will just take me a little time…

MM: Which is faster an 03 Cobra vert……or umm your car?

Mickey : If the vert termi was stock,  I think I would pull a little…if not,  well I would get pulled

(Glad that’s Settled -Ed)

MM:  Where are the finest girls in the world?

Mickey:  Haven’t been everywhere yet,  but I would definitely have to say Texas so far.

MM:  If your car were a woman and Emay’s car were a woman,  whom would they resemble and which one would be better looking?

Mickey:  If my car were a woman.  I would have to say it would be Beyonce,  mostly black with a little white in there and she is an attention whore.  Emay’s car as a women?  Umm, maybe some really hot black girl,  but I don’t know…As far as being hotter,  I think they would want to do each other because they are both so hot


MM:  Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Mickey:  About me…well,  I am 20 years old and I attend the University of San Diego.  I am double majoring in Marketing and Accountancy.  I love mustangs and I love people who love mustangs.  I have always had a passion for cars since I can remember.  I plan on keeping my car for life and am very anxious to see what she grows into….