Knight Rider Is Back – Shelby GT500KR As KITT

KITT Mustang Front Clip

Amid weeks of rumors and speculation, NBC officially announced yesterday that there will – in fact – be an updated sequel to the hugely popular 80’s series. Originally starring the Hoff behind the wheel of a Pontiac Trans Am, this time they’re righting the wrong by putting Michael Knight in the driver’s seat of a heavily modded Shelby GT500KR.

Ford Motor Company has been making a huge push towards brandability in movies recently, and of course rebranding Michael Knight’s famous talking car as a Ford product has got to be one of this year’s highlights.

Like the original, this car talks! And if that wasn’t cool enough, how a supercomputer that can hack into anything plugged into a wall. Still not impressed? It drives by itself and, thanks to progress made in the area of nanotechnology, can both color and shape shift. Ok, we’re convinced. Can we take three please?

KITT Mustang GT500KR Front Side View

  • KITT Hero – a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR that is playing the part of the everyday Hero car with 540 horsepower. King of the Road, for sure.
  • KITT Attack – a super high-speed version of the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR Hero car that transforms into Attack mode with the help of air-ride technology and specialized body parts.
  • KITT Remote – a driverless Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR version of the Hero vehicle.
  • Knight Rider Attack KITT Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 KR

    The movie stars Deanna Russo, as Sarah Graiman, the daughter of the man who invented the original KITT car. Justin Bruening stars as Mike Tracer, Sarah’s childhood best friend. Sarah recruits Mike to help search for her missing father with the help of the famous talking car. KITT, the talking super car, will be voiced by funnyman, Will Arnett, of 30 Rock, Arrested Development and Blades of Glory fame.

    And, if you though David Hasselhoff was done… he’s not. The “Hoff” will reprise his original role, Michael Knight, as a special guest star. I don’t know about the movie, but we’ll be tuning in to watch the car Sunday, February 17 at 9 PM on NBC.