M.P. Cobra Fan Military Appreciation

MM Screen Name: M.P. Cobra Fan

Name & Rank: SGT James Kleinheinz

Years/Months in the Service: 3.5 years

MM: What made you want to join the military?

M.P. Cobra Fan: Every male in my family has served.  After years of regret from not serving, I finally decided to join.

MM: What do you like most about it?

M.P. Cobra Fan: The bond that you build with fellow soldiers and the knowledge that you might have made a difference in even one life while serving.

MM: Biggest dislike?

M.P. Cobra Fan:Time away from loved ones.

MM: Best Memory?

M.P. Cobra Fan: I have many.  I will list three that are on the top of the list.  Watching a 40 year old man cry when he finally learned how to read and could read the Koran for the first time by himself.  Watching another grown man cry when he read in the Iraqi paper that Obama won the election and he worried the Americans would leave too soon.  Playing matchbox cars with a 4 year old Iraqi child named Muhammed, and even though we really could not talk we sat and played for over an hour, and then having his mother come up to me thanking me for being so nice to her child.

MM: Can you tell us about one person in the service who has affected your life most?

M.P. Cobra Fan: That is again hard to pick just one.  I could say my father who was a SGT in the Air Force, my grandfather who retired as a BG from the Air Force. However, I am going to pick my old Battalion Commander.  During a promotion ceremony when I got promoted to PFC, I introduced him to my girlfriend at the time.  When we were about to leave for Iraq, he showed up at our going away ceremony.  Now keep in mind that I had never seen him after that day when I got promoted and this was about 4 months later.  He walked up to me and my girlfriend and said “Private Kleinheinz, Mary Jane, (my girlfriend’s name) how are you two doing?”  That impressed the hell out of me.  From that day I have made it a point to learn everything I can about the folks serving with me and under me.