Maybellene GT690 GW Fastback Mustang

Maybellene GT690 GW Front ClipFew things are cooler than a Classic Mustang updated with new technology. While many car collectors prefer to restore their work with stock parts and go after an original look, some die hard car guys prefer the ‘restomod’ approach. Gene Winfield and Leonard Compton of Maybellene Autosports fit into the latter category.

Starting with (your choice) a 65 – 68 Mustang, modern technology and new design are crafted into this muscle car of yesterday. The Maybellene GT690, as they’ve dubbed it (originally known as the Anaconda Project), is comprised of state of the art 2006-2007 Ford Racing component technology wrapped around a classic body.

Virtually everything functional on this car has been updated to be modern and comfortable enough for a daily driver. From the custom high-back leather seats in the high tech interior to the coilover suspension… this is no trailer queen – rather a purpose built series aimed at enthusiasts of the Mustangs that started the craze.

Maybellene GT690 Side

Maybellene GT690 Interior

The foundation is based on a powertrain similar to the GT500, a 5.4L DOHC 4v engine fitted with a roots style blower. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to fit anything bigger than an old small block in a classic Mustang, just take our word for it that it took much of Compton’s 44 years experience and Winfield’s two Monster Garage appearances to shoehorn it betweeen what used to be the shock towers. Read on for more pictures and some of the highlights of the Maybellene Mustang.

Maybellene GT690 Engine

Standard Equipment

• 5.4L DOHC 4v Supercharged Engine Assembly
• Customer Specifies Transmission:
   Tremec Extra HD 5-Speed (M-7003-R58C)
   Tremec Extra HD 5-Speed (M-7003-R58H)
   Tremec HD 6-Speed with Electronic Speedo (M-7003-F)
• Valve Covers and Air Cleaner
• Wheels: Front – 17″ X 8″ Rear – 18″ X 9″ 245/40ZR17 Rated Tires
• Griffin Aluminum Cross Flow Radiator
• Power Rack and Pinion Steering
• Ford OEM Ignition Control and Coil
• Stainless Steel FlowMaster Exhaust System
• Ford State of the Art Computerized Technology


• Rod & Custom Motorsports Front and Rear Disc Brakes


• Rod & Custom Motorsports Front Suspension
• Rear Coilover Suspension 3.25/3.77 Rear Gears Lay Down Shock Design


• Fuel Injected Supercharged
• Fuel Safe Fuel Cell,16 Gallons


• Custom Maybellene GT690 GW Package
• Custom Black Hi-Back Leather Bucket Seats
• Complete Gauge Package
• X-Force Thunder Bolt Leather and Silver Steering Wheel
• Classic Air A/C System
• Kenwood Stereo With I-Pod, 10 Disc CD Changer and 6 Speakers
• 200 MPH speedometer
• 10,000 RPM tachometer
• Roll Bar
• Sound Dampening Package
• Console with cup holders


• Custom Maybellene GT690 GW Package
• Functional ’68 Cast Aluminum Gas Cap Dropdown
• Sequential Tail Lights
• Light Package

Maybellene GT690 Front

Maybellene GT690 Rear

Maybellene GT690 Trunk 

A total of 21 of these cars are to be built, with horsepower ranging from seemingly tame 410 horsepower all the way up to an earthshattering 690 ponies. Maybellene Autosports has offices located in Shawnee and Davenport, Oklahoma and in Mojave, California. Inquires about the Maybellene series Mustangs should be directed towards their Shawnee office at (405) 214-8092. No price is listed on their website, so give them a ring if you’re interested and tell them Modded Mustangs sent you : )