Meet the Staff

This week’s featured staff member for Modded Mustangs  is TheUNZippee! Meet Zip, an admin and a father to the forums here on MM.

Username: TheUNZippee!

Given name: Rick

Place of residence:
Ontario, Canada


When and why did you join MM?

“January of 2007. I had been looking for information on my car, on mods, and I began to realize there was an entire online community of awesome people out there beyond all the technical stuff I was looking for. I joined a couple of forums that seemed fun, informative, and busy, and Modded Mustangs was like an instant home for me. There is really just a tremendous group of people here – not just Mustang enthusiasts. Just quality human beings.”

When, why, and how did you become a mustang fan/owner?

“It’s funny, because as far as muscle cars go, I was a Mopar guy growing up. But when I was reading, I think Motor Trend magazine back around 2004 or so, I saw the concept for the upcoming S197 and I instantly fell in love. I told my wife “I will own one of these.” and after drooling over every one I saw, as I trucked around Canada & the USA, I finally took delivery of my 07 GT in June, 2006.”

What are some of your hobbies, interests, etc?

“Well, I work a metric s**t-ton of hours, averaging 70 hours a week. I also commute 8 hours a week, as I live 250 miles from work. So I don’t have the time I’d like to get involved in things I like, such as hiking, bike riding, motorcycles, or wrenching on my own cars. I do manage to get in some weightlifting, which I enjoy. I also like music and following MMA; I’ve been to various concerts and MMA events with my wife and daughter, making sort of mini-vacations out of them. So I guess you could say I enjoy traveling around despite the fact that I’m so busy with work.

What is your occupation outside of MM (if applicable)?

“I’m a truck driver. I’ve been driving for a living since 1988; tractor trailers since 1991. For the last 17 years, I’ve been transporting and delivering liquid hydrogen. I’m coming up on my second million miles of truck driving. I’ve been to and through 45 states and 6 provinces. I hope to hit them all before I retire.”

What is your all time favorite movie?

“When you get old like me, it becomes increasingly harder to pick one thing you love. Gun to my head, it has to be Pulp Fiction. Pun intended. Young Frankenstein is a close second. What hump?

What is the music genre and artist you like most?

“Metal or rock. And again, as you get older, it becomes increasingly harder to pick just one band. Metal from the era of when I was 10-15 (70s and 80s). So I was a huge Hendrix, Sabbath, and Zeppelin fan. As newer stuff came out I loved bands like Alice In Chains, Nirvana, and Type O Negative. These tastes change rather ebb and flow over time however, and for the last long while, at least a decade or so, Metallica has grown into perhaps my favorite band of all time. OF ALL TIME! But I still enjoy finding and listening to different music, even at the tender age of 45.”

What would be the year, color, options, and general build of your dream mustang if you could own any?

“A 2013 Boss Laguna Seca. Black with gray stripes. Big fat Kenne Bell sitting on that Roadrunner engine.”

If any limited build or production car in the whole world could be yours, what would it be?

“S**t. Uhm. 1970 Hemi Cuda. Original or restomod…. original or restomod… SHAZBOT! Restomod.”

TheUNZippee!’s 2007 mustang.



Article written by: Shift