Meet the Staff

This week’s featured staff member for Modded Mustangs “Meet the Staff” article is ChrisJ! Meet ChrisJ, a fellow mustang enthusiast and admin of the forums here on MM.

Username: ChrisJ

Given name:

Place of residence: Hampton Roads, Virginia

When and why did you join MM?

“I joined MM at the start, when we all were booted from Mustang Forums for not liking how they ran things. We all moved here with a small group of 12 or so members and it just kept growing from there. We took a different approach to running forums with a much looser and friendlier standing than the stricter, harder, manner of forums past.”

When, why, and how did you become a mustang fan/owner?

“I started off with a fox body of sorts (1988 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe) at the age of 14 in 1997. My grandfather bought it for me and I drove the backroads of Bullitt County Kentucky. That’s where the love of fox bodies started and eventually gave way to my love of mustangs. I have owned 17 or so street driven mustangs and probably 4 parts cars in my 15 years of vehicle ownership. I have owned fox bodies and sn95’s of all flavors (all v8’s of course other than the TC). I will be in the market for another mustang in a few years after my kids get a little older.”

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

“I am a father of two boys (5 years old and 10 months old) so my life is very busy. I am a full-time college student pursuing my Masters Degree in Computer Science with a major in Infrastructure Technologies. I am a gym rat when I have time. I am a nerd by choice and enjoy messing with computers, smart phones, routers, switches, and anything else I can fidget with. I am also an avid shadetree detailer so I can be found a lot of times in my drive way cleaning my Acura or Durango.”

What is your occupation outside of MM (if applicable)?

“I am a network engineer for the U.S. Army.”

ChrisJ doesn’t own a mustang currently, although his last mustang was beautiful. Here are some pictures of Chrisj’s red stunner.

We would like to thank ChrisJ for his time answering our questions and hope it has given insight into who ChrisJ is here on the forum beyond just his rank of admin. Stay tuned for more “Meet the Staff” articles as we introduce you all to more of the fine staff members here on MM.

Article written by: Shift