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  • 2006greyGT ·
    Thanks for the update!! I think I have found the person to help me get my car back into form.. it has been a crazy summer at work and I didn't have time to drive it let alone work on it..and with the strip being turned into an unused "Green Space/Park" I got nowhere to race it anyway.. closest strip is 90 mi away.. I don't post as much as I used to but I lurk almost every day!
    Just throw a 5.0 with a single 88mm turbo in it and be done with

    P.S. I got u mixed up with forensic x2
    IO550 ·
    I was reading an older post on your '05, hI'm having a similar problem with my 05' 4.6 with 2.3 whipple lots of problems P2106 and P2135. How did your problem end up?
    08RoushGT ·
    hats going on BJ? Me and Kenneth were talking and said that you might possibly be selling your KB since you are going turbo. Did you get rid of it yet?
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