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  • oneniceride08 ·
    maybe so that you post a many need input, so many don't have enough money, some are sincere, some are full of ****, let the car speak for itself
    BlueDevil ·
    I figured as much, with the drag racing being more your bag lately. You see any air under the front wheels yet??
    BIUS ·
    I would like to invite you to join my new forum,

    It is geared toward the history and evolution of the automobile beginning with the industrial revolution, and the great engineers who contributed to it.

    Alequar ·
    rambo style sounds better. I just wanna sell my ****ing oem parts! and I have nothing to contribute to any of these threads anymore other then "nice car" "blahblahblahblahshit" damn rules and regulations
    Towelie ·
    Nah man don't worry about it if it's already damaged, it sounds like it's worse than mine to be honest. Mine just has a fatty dent in it now and the paint is chipping off, and as far as I know you can't really get the dents out of our bumpers. But thank you anyway
    Towelie ·
    Hey boss, it looks like you have a gt/cs front bumper cover on your car, did it come with that? Reason I ask is because I'm now in the market for a new bumper cover and I'm curious if you have an old one laying around
    Glhorsfield ·
    Hey I had a question about your long tubes and h pipe. I purchased o2 extensions and those work for my front o2s but as for the rear I bought another set of extensions but those came up short. What did you do with yours?
    butters ·
    hey bud! when you got time can you check out my thread on that whining sound? i posted a video where you can really hear it well.lethal dosage said sounds like the tires but id like another opinion and you know your stuff,id appreciate it
    ricks06gt ·
    From what I can deduce, the SCT tuner and the BAMA are the same tuner - right ? It appears that BAMA is the company that actually writes the tunes. I'm ready to buy one from but am still a little confused.
    BTW - I am formerly a Dodge guy so Mustang stuff is still new to me.
    NitroPsycho ·
    Hey... saw you got a PI converter. Was wondering how difficult the install was on that for you? Where ya got it from? And if you would recommend going through them for a converter again? What kind of improvments can a person with a stock mustang expect from a converter change?

    Thanks For The Help
    kerry320 ·
    Hey quick question...did you change your rims out or something. The reason why i am asking is because i was on 215 yesterday in the mornign and i seen a mustang that looked like yours ..i don't know if you remember a windevil blue mustang that was side by side but if it was that was my stang with the bullitt wheels
    kerry320 ·
    07 Boss...maybe you can help me ....being that your in vegas and im in vegas actually on nellis right now ...i have been having a 3 year debate on wether or not to get 18's or 20s I would like to know your honest opinion on what the big differences between these typs of rims.....let me give a you a little info on what i do with my car...i like to play around with the car...get it side ways and get good launches ....i can deal with ride qaulity wether its smooth or rough.....i just need some help if you can spare it
    wildhorseman ·
    Thank you very much for your message Ed. I really want to add this to my car, although I don't have the "extra" rear window switch. Gonna try and make it work somehow though. Thank you again.
    wildhorseman ·
    Your mods in the DIY thread are excellent. I'm interested in doing the trunk switch, and I was wondering if you did a write-up on it.

    Thank you.
    Silent-Joker ·
    Hey can u send me some pics of your shifter. I have an auto also 08 gt and was wondering about that shifter. Looks argessive :) Any info about it url or whatever and some more pics.

    Thanks bro
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