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  • 1RápidoZorro ·
    Looks great to me. I will leave the details up to you as I know it will come out looking like a million bucks. Cant wait to see the final product...
    Emay ·
    FYI - There was a delay in print. My shot I reloaded to the site was not going to make a very nice print as it wasn't a 12"x36" crop. It would have been cut off had they gone to print with it the way it was.

    I had to do some creative resizing, spent a bit of time on the phone with them making sure the format's worked for the photo size. That led to a bit of change. Have a look at my site and see the pic as it looks now. Let me know if you're kosher with that look. I essentially cut out 3 or 4 of the frames in the center that were very similar - dan near identical, that brought the length in spec so that on a 12x36 we leave about 2 inches on each end for matting, and top and bottom will have about 2.5 each. Overall the un-matted physically viewed section will be about 7x32 inside of a 12x36" frame.

    Should look damn good.
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