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  • izzy1111 ·
    DISCLAIMER: izzy in no way boasting or thinking he is better than anyone.It has become appearant that it is this pridefull reflection that is percieved in text form that fuels a rage to counter act with more bashing and flaming. Izzy wishes to let things be and move on to other mustang or clubhouse related topics. Izzy is just a regular guy with a V6 mustang and does not think because he doesnt have a GT he has to make up BS to make himself better than them. Izzy understands that skepticism is natural in humans, that is why he wanted to prove his claims but not to boast or think better of himself against others. Izzy wishes all ModdedMustang members well and hopes to help them with whatever technical issue they may come across as he may also need the help of other members aswell.
    slonison ·
    Izzy, I will give you some credit... You're a pretty firm believer in yourself and whether your right or wrong doesn't matter... it's respectable to stand up for what you believe in.

    You have my respect.
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