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  • MachCobra ·
    Hey Limited, I just came across the picture of the engine bay in your mustang. Did you do a write up about how you did all the wiretucking? I've got my engine out right now for a complete overhaul and wanting to do very similar to your bay, it looks soooo good! I know it's gonna be a ton of work, but I'm willing , but intimidated on where to start... Any advice? Is your battery in the trunk? Fuse boxes in the fenders? Did you run wires under and back up to the accessories? Thanks for anything!
    gogone3 ·
    hey man, looking for a dyno graph to see the torque curve on a kenne bell with cams, care if i view yours? msg it to me or something please
    MacDizzle ·
    Nice car man, I cant wait to supercharge my lil pony. Your cars so loud I can hear you across Pugeot Sound buddy, calm down that things a monster! lol
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