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  • Jgib4 ·
    did you ever throw your car on the dyno? How are those cams doing with a supercharger? i want to see whats going on with your build!
    Thev6er ·
    I think that I am just going to go with the chip... cause its cheaper.
    then I might go true dual exhaust once I have some extra cash
    Thev6er ·
    Thanks for all your help...
    but the engine was just sold and I haven't looked for any others.
    Im thinking about just chipping the v6 i have. What's your opinion of the gforce chips?
    Or should i go with a Power Performance Chip X2 from engine performance chips?
    Thev6er ·
    Alright... Thanks for the help on this.
    Does the stock auto transmission work for this?
    And none of the other parts that are stock on the v6 interfere with the size of the v8 engine?
    Thev6er ·
    Is that price for the
    96+ Mustang GT wiring harness and ecu
    96+ Mustang GT oil pan and pickup tube
    96-01 Mustang Cobra Exhaust manifolds. * I prefer the 99+ because they don't have the air injection system that the 96-98 does
    96+ GT coolant sensors
    And the 96-01 cobra water hoses?
    Thev6er ·
    Is that for the total with the parts from the forum that i originally posted on or just the ECU?
    And also i have heard that the eingine interferes with some of the stock parts on the v6 that are different on the GT... is it true?
    Thev6er ·
    Can you give me an estimated cost for all this? the block im looking at is only $375, so what do you think the cost of all the additional parts will be?
    Thev6er ·
    Hey, thanks for letting me know that it was a dead forum... like i said on the post I have and opportunity to buy a mark 8 engine (dont know what all comes with it) for my '99 v6. The ad says "It is a complete long block. It has B heads (same as on 96-98 Mustang Cobras) but it has a cast crank. It also has the Teksid block." Appart from the engine block, do i need to get all the stuff on the post?
    apaulk86 ·
    Hey there,
    In the thread I posted, you said you had a 98 mark viii intake, throttle body and all. Do you have the throttle cable for it too? If so, how much could I buy it off you for? Thanks
    spaceanimal ·
    I did a whole lot of reading on a couple different sites last night, it looks like 1/2 shims in the kframe will solve the booster problem. And i think i am going to buy the cobra r mock intake that mmr sells.
    spaceanimal ·
    I found a navigater motor for my car, how are you coming on the swap in yours. Kinda looking for tips before i actually buy the motor. If you say its doable, then ill grab the motor for mine.
    klfutrelle ·
    I really don't want to break up the supercharger kit just yet. It's not a calibrated MAF and can be tuned. the Mafia Diablosport interface is not pictured but will add soon.
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