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  • Jgib4 ·
    Ok thats good then. Did joe tune your car with it on there? He seemed to think everything looked fine and i could up the boost a little.
    Jgib4 ·
    Hey man quick question do you remember how much boost you were pushing with the old svo when it blew the motor? Im about to switch to a 3.3 pulley (8-9lbs).
    Jgib4 ·
    Hey man im starting to collect my parts for my next build. I would like to get a before and after comparison to see how much everything helped. how much would it cost to just do a run for the initial hp, and how much for dyno tuning the final build. Id like to come to you guys, it seems like your shop has there **** together. Il be looking to do the initial run probably around end of aug.
    TexArmageddon ·
    Hey, I've read a few of your post about the swap just had a few questions. As far as what is needed, I will need the engine(of course), 8-bolt flywheel( Have a 5-spd), and shorties or custom Lts. The wiring harness also needs to be extended also. If that is everything, i would also like to ask are there any things i need to worry other than those? Such as spacing issues with surrounding accessories? I know hood will need work, but any other problems? Lastly, I noticed your swap laws are similar in MD to TX. Did you have any problems passing emissions?
    95riosnake ·
    Hey, sorry to bother you, but I didn't want to go and make 4 pointless posts so I could send you a pm...I'd rather wait till I have something to say...I mostly lurk here.

    I posted in your for sale thread a while back for the Autometer wideband you were selling, if you still have it I'll take it, I realize there's a good chance it's gone by now lol.
    spaceanimal ·
    i cant really afford to boost my car although that would be great. do the 4.6's have any real weaknesses that i should be aware of while i have it apart. i no you have blown a couple of them, what normally breaks. last question, what is the highest compression ratio you think will run on pump gas. by the way i went through the entire thread of your supercharger install, and just wanted to say, i would have cut the hole in the hood to. take it from someone a little older than you. do things the way you want to, dont let other people talk you into doing things differently, unless it makes sence to do it there way. i think your car looks pretty badass, great job.
    hlinar ·
    Hey shark,
    Have you seen the 96 GT convertible on MD 198 just east of the 29 ramp?

    I was in Md this wknd seeing my sister in b'more and mom in olney and saw it for sale. I stopped, looking for a v6 for my daughter, gt's gas is killing her lil wallet. anyway it 's a one owner, 5 sp,garage kept like new top new tires, get ths 62,750 miles !! now sit down, he wants $7500.00.
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