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  • sharkbait2 ·
    Hey man its Aaron @ JPC.

    Who do i need to contact about changing my account to a new email. My old email is no longer around and I can't access my account now that they changed all the passwords.

    Thanks for the help
    Venomous ·
    Good Morning Cali Time SSG Pate

    Name is Jose, Im pulling motor out of my 01 GT, swapping for another 2v. Question I had and recall seeing in one of your pictures on Photobucket was you pulling motor/tranny combo.

    I remember seeing in the picture that you pulled the combo on the last slot on the engine hoist. The picture looked like it was at 1/4 ton slot, I was concerned of pulling combo on the 1/4 slot because of the weight of both combo.

    Should I be good?
    stal94gt ·
    hey pate once your done with your trans you need to hook me up with a parts list for a good reliable 4r setup. i get back to the us in may so i will be doing an auto this time
    Hey Pate i wanted to thank you for all the help. Especially the intercooler piping, i was afraid of doing it but after your help i got some motivation and did it myself. It was easy like you said, probably the easiest part of my whole build. Now if only i could actually drive my car haha.
    Its been going good so far. I just ordered the intercooler from cx racing, i called Kurgan Motorsports to order the maf but Bob was out because of the holidays. I should have all the parts ordered by monday. Cant wait haha.
    southernstang00 ·
    Yeah, I know I thought thats what i was getting when I bought the fuel pump when i got the new motor but I guess I didnt. When I told the speed shop what I had plans for the engine when I broke it in they told me to go get an 03 cobra pump mod and they even gave me a part number. They said I could use it but I would have to get a BAP in addition to that fuel pump they recommmended. So would it be worth it just to get the BAP for 279 or actually get the dual hat setup for however much along with the the fuel pump I have now and the one baker is going to send me?
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