MM Product Review: Raxiom Icon Tailights for 99-04 is at the forefront when it comes to testing the newest performance and styling products the aftermarket has to offer. Most of us know that Raxiom has recently released their new 2013-2014 style tail lights for the New Edge mustangs. I was able to get a hold of a promotional set before they official released, but due to major unrelated events, I haven’t had the opportunity to write a review until now.

So lets start this off with some first glance opinions. Upon receiving the lights, they were safely wrapped and well protected in a box straight from Raxiom. To be damaged, the box would have to go through absolute hell. After removing, the first major style difference you will notice is the lack of the New Edge “stepping”, tailights that imitate stair steps. These designs are flat but have 3 indents to replicate the 2013 style lights. The indents are where the brake lights will be. You also notice right off the bat the LED rings going around the indents. In bright light these stand out, but in cloudy days they are not as prominent. And because the rest of the housing is pretty dark as far as tint, from far a way it can look like just a black square in your car when not lit. Over all the design is very sturdy and seems to be well sealed. The new LED cords on the back side were also secured via twist tie to prevent damage.


Install is pretty much the same as any other tailight apart from a few extra steps. Upon getting your old tails out, The instructions require you to remove the reverse light bulbs and to secure the socket to the harness in a way that it wont be damaged. This is because the new taillights use a LED reverse lights which are situated in the harness on the taillights themselves. On the new tailights, you are instructed to disconect the factory tailight harness from the connector in the trunk and remove it through the rubber grommet. This can be a pain as the grommet is very secure in the body hole. A flat head screw driver is recommended for getting this out. Once out, there is where you take care of the reverse light.

There is another step though. The new taillights have an extra harness with a male and female plug end. First, take the harness that we removed from the old taillight housing and insert the bulbs to the new housing. next, take the male end of the old housing and plug it into the female end of the the new harness. The other male end is for the LED’s and will plug into the car’s harness in the trunk. Now heres where things get tricky. Per the instructions, you want to cut a slit in the rubber grommet that we removed so that you can slide the wires of the new harness into it and then send through the hole. After you get a slit (the instructions will have a picture on this) you need to send the connector ends of the new harness through the hole *see picture below*. But theres a problem here. In my case, the connector was just too large to fit through the hole where the grommet sits. Now you could leave both connecting ends on the out side of the car behind the lights, but then the last connecting end may not reach.

So in order to get that to go through the hole, you have two options. Disconnect the connections and reconnect from the inside of the car or grind the hole to be a larger size. I choose to disconnect the connector, but did not realize the pain it would cause. The connector is held by three small plastic pins. With the help from my father, we finally were able to pull apart the connector and send the fitting end through the hole.. After you do this. Plug the last remaining connector to the factory in car harness and then install the housing to the car.


Over all the best part of the tails is the LED rings that come on with the parking lights and headlights. Much like the new mustangs, these rings are bright and can be seen during the sunniest days but aren’t horribly bright at night. These rings though only function as the running lights. The inner spots are your break lights and turn signals. Now where some of the confusion comes in boils down to what tails you bought. Raxiom offers two versions of these tails. One with the sequential kit and another without. I was sent the version without. Looking at the product discription on the website, the photos show that when the break lights is applied, all three bulbs will light. This is not the case here. This only happens if you have a sequential kit. I did notice that with the break applied, the inner most bulb appears to try to light up. But when the turn signals are on, the inner bulb does nothing. sorta confused about that.

In summary, these tailights are very good quality that Raxiom always delivers. Install isn’t much of a problem but I ran into some small issues regarding wire management. In the end, the looks can vary depending on your taste. I personaly love the way the lights look when the parking lights are on, but I just cant seem to like the housing. It looks ok from up close, but far away it looks like a big black square. Its a big hit or miss, I would say and it comes down to personal preference. I would still recommended them if you are adventurous and like to try new things. Just be ready as the price is a tad steep in My opinion.

Review by: MachStang!