Modded Mustangs Decals Available

Modded Mustangs Quarter Glass DecalSome people will do anything to get alittle exposure, and Tim Singleton (aka White99stang) is no exception. He’s fitted his 1999 Mustang GT with MM front bumper and quarter glass decals. Equipped with a VT 302 stroker and an assortment of drag related go-fast parts, Tim put on a display of power sure to piss off the neighbors (see below).

We’ve advertised an additional 15 horsepower for the bumper decal and 10 more ponies for the quarter glass. This is dyno verified using the butt-o-meter… it’s been alittle off sometimes (especially when testing cold air kits), but for the most part it’s pretty accurate. Kinda hard to beat that when we’re giving them away.

What! Yea you heard it right. Any member with more than 50 posts gets a pair of quarter glass decals for FREE. Why are we doing this? We’ll, everyone wants more horsepower right? Hehe, all kidding aside – If you’re an active member of our forums an you want to tell the world (or that ricer revving up in the next lane) that you’ve got a Modded Mustang, we want to help. Our members have given so much to our community in the way of helping out others with tech advice and tips that we’re doing our part to give back.

*** We interrupt this program for a special message from White99stang ***

White99stang Doing A Burnout In His 1999 Ford Mustang GT

***You are now being returned to your regularly scheduled programming***

Any member with more than 50 posts wanting a pair of white 12″ quarter glass decals should PM mdvaldosta with your name and mailing address. These can be used on places other than the quarter glass, of course, although they fit pretty good there. Also, if you race in any sactioned event (be it drag or road racing) you’re entitled to a front bumper decal in the color of your choice. See you in the forums…