More Hardtop Rumors

Ford Mustang ConvertibleInitially spurred by a prototype from CDC and talk of a redesign for 2009, Mustang hardtop rumors have beeing making their way around message boards and blogs since last year. This past weekend, the Times of Malta ran an article about Peter Muscat’s plans to export a finished prototype from the European country to the United States. Plans include four more prototypes and five-hundred units a year for the next six years.

“This is all the work of the Muscat Technology team here in Malta, who designed, engineered, prototyped and developed it here in Malta, including the miniature computer that controls the mechanism,” Mr. Muscat told the Sunday Times.

The powered roof is said to come down in about 30 seconds, with plans to trim another 7 seconds off the time while not taking up any additional trunk space. The roof is released with a handle, the rest is all automatic. On a lighter note, the article credits “golf-mad Americans” for being the motivation for keeping the full trunk space while designing the retractable top. It seems as though the hardtop mechanism will reside in the same place as it’s ragtop counterpart – which is a really tough feat.

Ford Mustang Hardtop Convertible

Will this happen, or is it just another rumor? We think most likely the Malta company will be building these for aftermarket companies, though we’re sure they have hopes of winning Ford over with the system. Is Ford in on it? AutoBlog reported that FoMoCo isn’t involved in the design or build of the project, though Ford is always “investigating new features and special editions to help feed the Mustang enthusiast desire for more”.

*Update* March 23rd – Muscat Technoloty contacted us today to let us know they’ve got a website up for their hardtop prototype. They’ve included more pictures and a video of the top working on their black Mustang. We snagged the vid for you, the rest (and more pics) can be found at

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