Mustang Sales up 64% Over Last Year

Ford Mustang EmblemDespite Ford Motor Company’s announcment of poor sales in August, the Mustang is selling as strong as it ever has. Up a whopping 64% over last years numbers, Ford’s top selling ponycar is helping to stabilize the American car manufacturer’s slumping truck and SUV sales.

In Ford’s defense, they are running against last year’s numbers when the automaker was offering employee pricing to all customers. Ford said it sold 253,976 cars and light trucks in August, down from 287,235 in August of last year. That’s not a huge drop considering the circumstances, but then again we’re not accountants.

Total Mustang sales for August is being reported at 17,933 units, making this the highest sales month for the ponycar since 1979 – the first year of the Fox platform. And, althought it’s not a Mustang (we cover it anyways) The Ford GT is up almost 27% over last years sales – the last August month it will be available.

These trends have been typical of all American automakers of late – consumers are moving away from the larger trucks and SUV’s and into more economical midsize cars. Even Porsche reported a decrease in SUV sales in North America. It looks like high gas prices are finally forcing Americans into more economical transportation. Unfortunately, for American car manufacturers, these are usually imported vehicles.