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2007 Mustangs To Be Equipped With Auto-Dimming Mirrors

Gentex Auto Dimming Mirror With Compass - Available On 2007 MustangsFor the first time ever, new Mustangs will come equipped with automatic dimming mirrors courtesy of the Gentex Corporation. The auto-dimming mirrors are said to automagically darken to reduce glare from the headlamps of vehicles approaching from the rear. The brighter the glare, the darker the mirrors become. This should make nighttime driving safer, as there are few things more annoying than a driver behind you with their brights on.

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Ford Bold Moves – Street Racing

Ford Bold Moves Street Racing Game By EidosThis entry in the Ford Racing series sees the action move to streets of Los Angeles, with a unique team racing experience included that puts the player in control of their own Ford Racing three-car team, allowing them to race and also issue commands to team mates to gain tactical and positional advantage.

New innovative features such as Maximum Team Control Racing separate this game from the pack, allowing a user to switch-on-the-fly between a team of three vehicles to dominate a race! New features, hot cars, and a price of $19.99 make Ford Bold Moves Street Racing redefine what it means to be a great value.

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Cleaning your IAC

IAC valve for 4.6 Ford MustangDoes your idle rise and fall over and over again? Does your ‘Stang stall when you come to a stop, or even when you put it in gear? It guess it’s time for a new IAC (idle air control, or as it’s sometimes called, idle air bypass)… or is it?

Fuel injected Mustangs use a small motor/valve assembly that allows a certain amount of air to bypass the throttle plate, entering the engine to control idle. As mileage increases dirt, air filter oil, and carbon build-up will take it’s toll and often cause idle surging and stalling. This can happen as early as 30,000 miles depending on conditions (K&N’s really speed up the process). Why replace it when you can clean it?

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OBDII Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s)

OBDII, California’s second generation of OBD requirements, is a diagnostic system incorporated into the vehicle’s powertrain computer that is designed to assist in pollution reduction and prevention. The OBDII system monitors virtually every component and system that can affect emissions during normal driving, alerting the driver through a dashboard malfunction indicator light (MIL) and storing fault code information for technicians.

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Transmission OBDII DTC’s

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