Ford Mustang Engine

Do I Hear a Turbo Coming?

Twin Turbo Me Please

You heard me right!  Although there is no official word yet,  it is rumored that the 2012 GT500 may in fact be carrying a twin-turbo variant of the new “Coyote 5.0”.

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Ford Planning Return of the 5.0

Few engines have received the iconic status of the Ford Mustang’s 5.0. The motor disappeared in 1996 but now appears to be ready to make a comeback.

News of the return comes out of Australia where Ford Australia product development boss Russell Christophers has confirmed a new 5.0-liter V8 is currently undergoing development in the U.S.

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5.4 is Bigger Than 4.6

5.4 Fit and Finish

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Ford’s “BOSS 302” Engine Makes Comeback

BOSS 302 Crate EngineFord today announced at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show that it’s reviving the legendary 5.0-liter 302 cubic inch “Boss” V-8 engine, slated to go on sale in early 2007. Several SEMA vehicles showcased the new Boss 302, including a 2007 Galpin Ford Mustang featuring a 360-hp Boss engine and a Hotrods and Horsepower SEMA Deuce featuring a 360-hp Boss engine.

“The original BOSS 302 was a race winning engine. Sharing the DNA from the original BOSS 302, the new BOSS 302 begins with a block designed with racing in mind from the beginning,” said Jamie Allison, manager, Ford Racing Performance Group. “Whether racing in a sealed engine class, building an all-out drag racing engine or looking for a street performer, the BOSS 302 block and engine family meets the needs of all Ford 302 enthusiasts at a price that is comparable to a performance-prepped stock 302.

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Ford Firing Orders

From time to time, even the most experienced technicians need a quick firing order chart for the Ford they’re working on. Below you will find the firing order for the 5.0, 4.6, 3.8, and 2.3 engines. You’ll also find the cylinders in the picture are numbered and also their respective coils.

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