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When Ford introduced the Mustang for the first time in April 1964, it was an instant hit. Selling 121,000 units in its first year, the Mustang was one of the first “pony cars;” a smaller, lighter alternative to big block muscle cars. However, by 1968, Ford found itself in the middle of a performance war against rival manufacturers. Needing a more powerful engine to keep pace on the track and in showrooms, Ford created the 428 Cobra Jet engine. However, the automaker worried that simply throwing the new power plant into a GT wasn’t enough to differentiate it as a standalone performance model. Ford needed an equally impressive moniker to accompany the 428. Not just a simple re-badging, the Mach 1 name came to denote high performance variants of the Mustang until 1978.

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ROTY 2014: Aceswild02

Ride of the year is the pinnacle award here at Modded Mustangs. The victor is selected by the members so the award is chosen by the people for the people. There is only one person a year who gets to enjoy this prestigious title and the running is always pretty tight. There are many Mustang worthy but popular vote as well as performance, handling, and looks all play a vital role in determining the annual recipient.

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ROTM Flashback: Serlin

While most Mustang owners are interested in quarter mile E.T.’s and breakneck launches. There is another group of guys who garner their thrills from the G forces of a hairpin turn or the rush of a perfectly executed S-curve. One such racer is Serlin. His passion for auto crossing has fueled the vision for his 2000 Mustang GT.

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There’s Still Time…

…to vote for’s 2014 ROTY! Previous ROTM winners compete to take home this prestigious award. Click here to vote!


Chariot of the God

We are all born mortal, however a select few are born immortals. One of these few is no other than “TheUNZippee!” aka Rick. He is a god among men on Modded Mustangs. That is an honor only mortals dream of, but is a reality for Rick, a highly respected admin on our site. No matter what part on the forum you venture to, Rick has graced it with his presence. After entering his car in the November Foliage ROTM and won the votes of his worshippers, or shall we say peers, to take home the title of ROTM for November.

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