Ford Mustang How-To’s

Drag Strip Newbie? This Is For You

 Drag Strip

Every person that has ever been to a drag strip all started off with one problem – they don’t know what to expect or do. Are you one of those people? If so, consider this  the first lesson from Modded Mustangs’ Drag Racing School.

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Tinting Your 3rd Brake Light and Side Markers

Tinted Tail Lights and Sidemarker On A Ford MustangModded Mustangs’ Forum member tjames recently posted a how-to article for tinting your Mustang’s 3rd brake light and side markers. While no two write-up’s are ever alike, venture along as he spends less than $30 to add a personal touch to his ponycar. Lots of pictures and details are included so, if this is something you’ve been looking to do, it doesn’t get much better than this.

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Cleaning your IAC

IAC valve for 4.6 Ford MustangDoes your idle rise and fall over and over again? Does your ‘Stang stall when you come to a stop, or even when you put it in gear? It guess it’s time for a new IAC (idle air control, or as it’s sometimes called, idle air bypass)… or is it?

Fuel injected Mustangs use a small motor/valve assembly that allows a certain amount of air to bypass the throttle plate, entering the engine to control idle. As mileage increases dirt, air filter oil, and carbon build-up will take it’s toll and often cause idle surging and stalling. This can happen as early as 30,000 miles depending on conditions (K&N’s really speed up the process). Why replace it when you can clean it?

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