Ford Mustang Parts

Better. Faster. More Affordable. Pre-Painted Trim Parts Now Available from


Painted trim parts are one of the best ways to make your Mustang stand out in a crowd. Buying the parts and taking them down to the local body shop on the other hand, can be a major drain on your time and your wallet. Now is making these upgrades easier and more affordable than ever, thanks to its new state-of-the-art paint facility.

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5.4 is Bigger Than 4.6

5.4 Fit and Finish

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Got Glass?


That’s right there’s a new hood for you S197 guys. Hillbank Motorsports is bringing a hood with a glass window to the mustang world. Much like the the new Corvette ZR-1’s window hood, this hood will feature a window to show off all of your engine goodies.

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Mustangs Will Be First To Use New ‘Soy’ Seats

Mustang SeatsFord Motor Company and the Lear Corporation have teamed up to offer more green to consumers, as in being more eco friendliness. Soy – as in soy milk, soy beans, etc. The same stuff tofu dogs are made of is going to be the base product in Ford’s new seat foam – starting with the 2008 Mustang.  Sounds good in theory, but what about the smell?

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Authentic Shelby Performance Parts

Shelby Performance PartsA new performance parts business formed by Shelby Automobiles™ and Scott Drake Enterprises, Inc. was introduced at the 33rd Annual Mid-America Ford Performance and Shelby Meet earlier this month. With over 65 years of history behind them, they’ll be offering a complete line of products for the 2005 and newer Ford Mustangs, Shelby GT’s and Shelby GT500’s.

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