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Turbonetics Turbo Kit For ’05-’07 Mustang GT’s

Turbonetics Mustang Turbo KitTurbonetics announced today a new, bolt-on single turbo kit currently available for the 20052006 Ford Mustang GT, and soon (a couple months) to be available for 2007 models as well. Ready for sale and shipping now, the kit incorporates a patented ceramic ball bearing turbocharger for immediate spool-up and custom ECU re-flash for silky smooth power delivery from the moment that you step on the gas pedal.

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ROUSH’s Aftermarket Success Comes From The Inside

ROUSH Bodykit Undergoes TestingWhile many companies outsources the design, engineering, and manufacturing of aftermarket parts – ROUSH claims success in doing it themselves. Doing so is a daunting task, requiring immense resources that most retailers cannot justify. ROUSH has an edge though – in addition to Mustang parts, they also build OEM components for seven other American and European car companies.

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Ford’s “BOSS 302” Engine Makes Comeback

BOSS 302 Crate EngineFord today announced at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show that it’s reviving the legendary 5.0-liter 302 cubic inch “Boss” V-8 engine, slated to go on sale in early 2007. Several SEMA vehicles showcased the new Boss 302, including a 2007 Galpin Ford Mustang featuring a 360-hp Boss engine and a Hotrods and Horsepower SEMA Deuce featuring a 360-hp Boss engine.

“The original BOSS 302 was a race winning engine. Sharing the DNA from the original BOSS 302, the new BOSS 302 begins with a block designed with racing in mind from the beginning,” said Jamie Allison, manager, Ford Racing Performance Group. “Whether racing in a sealed engine class, building an all-out drag racing engine or looking for a street performer, the BOSS 302 block and engine family meets the needs of all Ford 302 enthusiasts at a price that is comparable to a performance-prepped stock 302.

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Roush Offers More Power For GT500 Owners

GT500 ROUSHchargerWhile the factory rated 500 horsepower for the GT500 is more than ample for many, those craving more power need to look no further that Roush Performance. Engineers at Roush are soon to release a new roots style supercharger said to boost power up over the 700 horsepower mark.

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2007 Mustangs To Be Equipped With Auto-Dimming Mirrors

Gentex Auto Dimming Mirror With Compass - Available On 2007 MustangsFor the first time ever, new Mustangs will come equipped with automatic dimming mirrors courtesy of the Gentex Corporation. The auto-dimming mirrors are said to automagically darken to reduce glare from the headlamps of vehicles approaching from the rear. The brighter the glare, the darker the mirrors become. This should make nighttime driving safer, as there are few things more annoying than a driver behind you with their brights on.

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