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Flowmaster Case Study: The Right Exhaust System for Your Car Makes All the Difference

With some car enthusiasts, exhaust systems seem like an easy to select product – no big deal. Just find some adequate tubing, some mufflers and go. What could go wrong, right?  … Wrong!

We recently received this story about an exhaust system gone wrong. While significant money was spent creating the magnificent drive train, the exhaust was so badly designed as to cause Kevin Crocie of Colvin Automotive to wonder if the engine was damaged. After all, to have the World Products 427cid, 495hp engine only generate 258 horsepower at the rear tires, something had to be really wrong.

As Crocie ultimately determined, the exhaust system was the culprit – and was easily corrected through proper fitment. Documented here by one of Flowmaster’s technical experts, Jeff Thomas, who recently discussed the scenario with Crocie, the correction was miraculous – and cemented the fact that you can select the wrong exhaust products for your vehicle with disastrous results. This worst case scenario is a perfect example of – exhaust design gone wrong!

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Saleen And Racing Legend Dan Gurney Join Forces In ’08

2008 Dan Gurney Signature Edition Mustang

The New York Auto Show was the pedestal from which Saleen announced yet another project it has been working on. Racing legend Dan Gurney was the focus of the new signature edition Mustang – which will be released in late April – bearing a resemblance to his 1969 Trans Am series Mustang.

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2008 Brings A New Boss To The Streets

2008 Boss Shinoda

Mustang enthusiasts nationwide will have something else to look forward to in 2008 as Team Shinoda recently unveiled their plans for a new Boss Mustang. With a variety of packages being offered, the Boss will be sure to have something for any mustang lover regardless of their budget.

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