Ford Mustang Videos

The Bullitt Is Back (Movie This Time)

Original Bullitt Movie Poster With Steve McQueenThe 1960’s classic “Bullitt” will be back, and this time we’re talking about the movie. Originally made famous by Steve McQueen’s famous chase scene (see video below), the Bullitt has already had a classic and New Edge version Mustangs modeled after it, and yet another Bullitt Mustang is in the works by Ford in honor of the flick’s upcoming 40th anniversary.

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Shelby GT Police Chase Video

Ford’s marketing team is really pushing the creativity and reach with their “Bold Moves” campaign. So bold, in fact, they’re making commercials like this:

 YouTube Preview Image

Follow along as… well you just have to watch it, heh. Doughnut’s anyone?


Modded Mustangs’ YouTube Video

Well, actually we made this video a year ago, though it was never passed around much or put on any major video sharing sites. So today, I registered an account on YouTube (yea I know I’m a loser for not having an account there yet, but hey we’ve got our own server :). We’ve got more videos in coming soon, though for now let’s give this one a shot. Check it out.

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Shelby GT500 -vs- The German Autobahn

Ford is putting its performance marketing efforts into high gear this weekend with the premiere of a new ‘Bold Moves’ television ad starring the Shelby GT500, as the high-performance Mustang assumes the position of Ford’s performance flagship.

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GT500 in Kelly Clarkson’s “Go” Video

Kelly Clarkson and Ford have teamed as part of Ford’s new “Bold Moves” campaign, as represented in this sizzling red / white striped GT500 tearing up the backroads in her latest video “Go“.

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