Ford Mustang Visual

Roush Goes Graphic – Courtesy of 3M

3M Roush Mustang SmallIt might seem impossible, but the experts at 3M figured out a way to take a ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang and have it shown with three radically different full-body graphic designs over three consecutive days. During the ISA International Sign Show at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Convention Center in Las Vegas, 3M brought in a silver ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang. Then, during the show hours and live in front of the attendees, they wrapped this vehicle on three occasions from bumper-to-bumper with 3M Controltac graphic film. This unique film has a Comply* v2 adhesive which allows it to slide around for positioning and not stick until firm pressure is applied.

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More Hardtop Rumors

Ford Mustang ConvertibleInitially spurred by a prototype from CDC and talk of a redesign for 2009, Mustang hardtop rumors have beeing making their way around message boards and blogs since last year. This past weekend, the Times of Malta ran an article about Peter Muscat’s plans to export a finished prototype from the European country to the United States. Plans include four more prototypes and five-hundred units a year for the next six years.

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ROUSH’s Aftermarket Success Comes From The Inside

ROUSH Bodykit Undergoes TestingWhile many companies outsources the design, engineering, and manufacturing of aftermarket parts – ROUSH claims success in doing it themselves. Doing so is a daunting task, requiring immense resources that most retailers cannot justify. ROUSH has an edge though – in addition to Mustang parts, they also build OEM components for seven other American and European car companies.

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