New Mustangs Still Selling Strong

Mustang Concept EmblemFord recently released their September sales figures, showing a strong month as an increase in car sales helped to offset slumping truck sales. It’s been a steady trend as of late – many consumers are migrating away from their gas guzzling SUV’s and moving into more economical vehicles. Is the Mustang economical? Well, I suppose it depends on what you compare it to.

So how strong is strong, exactly? Continuing the trend from last month, the Mustang posted it’s stongest September sales in two decades – up 31% over last year. What’s even more impressive is that Ford managed this feat without crazy incentives and rebates. Including special editions such as the Shelby GT500 (800 units), Ford moved a total of 14,341 units this month.

Even more impressive is the 133,269 Mustangs sold this year, more than the sales of all 2005 Mustangs…. already. Back then, 128,485 units (for 2005) seemed phenominal. So what’s contributed to the continued success of the Mustang? Hype.

Ford’s Bold Moves and Way Foward Plans have been driving consumer excitement for their new products. Bringing Carroll Shelby back was pure genious, as are the new Mustangs every year (Bullitt for 2008). At this point, the only thing that could stop Ford is Ford itself; until then – we’ll enjoy the ride.