One Classy Mama


A hot mom, devoted wife and mustang lover, what more could you ask for in a featured member?

MamaStang is october’s featured member. Enjoy!

Member: MamaStang

Car: 2005 Mustang GT

MM: So how’d you find us?

MamaStang: I asked my mechanic a bunch of annoying questions and apparently he was “too busy” to talk to me and said – “Go online and find a Mustang Forum.” So I did, I have to say…he’s been super supportive and very helpful. But if it weren’t for you guys here…I’d still be driving a stocker.

MM: What brings you to sign on everyday?

MamaStang: I love checking in with the crew and seeing what’s up with everyone. Seeing what everyone is doing to their cars gives me ideas for mine. I’m learning TONS about my car, which I find fascinating. Plus, I get to sharpen my already razor sharp wit!

MM: Where is your favorite part of the forum?

MamaStang: Duh – The clubhouse!

MM: Which is more accurate “MM is like close family” or “MM is like the part of the family where I would cry at their funeral but I wouldn’t go on vacation with”?

MamaStang: MM is like close family. And I would certainly go on vacation with you guys!

MM: Does Hmusn actually scare you?

MamaStang: Only when he accurately describes the position of which my door is in.

MM: How many times have you wondered if Hmusn REALLY was outside your window?

MamaStang: Often

MM: Do you secretly wonder if Hmusn is in fact CHUCK NORRIS?

MamaStang: No. Because I’m CONVINCED that he is.

MM: Anyone besides him give you the willies?

MamaStang: Naaaahhhh….I believe that everyone here is inherently good. They don’t get any better than Mustang Fanatics.

MM: If you could paint anyone’s car on this forum hot pink, Who would you do it to?

MamaStang: MSO. And I’d put a big Boy Scout Fleur Di Lis on his hood.

MM: What was your 1st car?

MamaStang: 1978 Olds Cutlass Supreme Brougham. White – T Tops – V8. It was the fastest car in the parking lot at school. Until some rich farmer’s kid got a brand new Firebird.

MM: Is this Your 1st Stang?

MamaStang: Nope! My 3rd.

First: 1988 Mustang GT Convertible – Stock (Pictured Above)

Second: 2003 Mustang LX Convertible – Stock

Third and Current:

2005 Mustang GT Convertible – Slightly Modified With New Shoes!

MM: If you could change one thing on your car what would it be?

MamaStang: A sexy new hood.

MM: Your car, making it a cruiser, crazy fast or a crazy fast cruiser?

MamaStang: Cruiser – Not crazy fast…but fast enough to make you go…WOW! I don’t need to win speed contests but I like it to sound fast and look fierce!

MM: So who’s the hottest guy on here?

MamaStang: Hmmmm, Not sure I’ve seen enough pictures of all the guys to make an educated call on that. Maybe there should be a thread about that like the ROTM?
(Editors note:…..ummm No!)

MM: What is your dream car?

MamaStang: As corny as this sounds, I’m currently driving my dream car. But 1 Fast Fox has a SWEET Aston Martin that is super sexy! If I had one of those that was paid for…that would be pretty cool.

MM: At the time of this writing you had 69 rep points…Comment?

MamaStang: 69? Better check your digits again. I’ve since got some sympathy points for not knowing anything about cars. lol

A little bit about MamaStang:

Raised in the middle of no where in Central Indiana. Has a passionate love for Mustangs that has possessed her, her whole life. Is married to a wonderful man who not only tolerates her “hobby” but he also supports and helps her with her addiction.

Also has two amazing children: Son, Tyler, is 16 and is in the process of completing his Eagle Rank in the Scouts. Daughter, Riley, is 10 and just earned her Blue Belt in Taekwondo.

MamaStang would to thank: there are MANY but the 4 biggest people that have constantly been there to encourage me and help me make educated decisions are RedFire, Zip, Futuremach1racer and HMUSN. Thanks guys!