One Man “Zu”


Better known as Omz or Spence or “My favy butt buddy”.  He is February’s Featured Member

MM: Your car,  what is it?

Omz: My car is a 1997 V6 mustang,  it has 157k miles on it and is a total PIECE!

MM: Would you rather a supercharger,  125 shot or Saleen body kit?

Omz: Seeing as my car would implode on a 125 shot,  i’ll do that! … Unless the body kit came with a new paint job.  My car could use a fresh paint of coat,  BUT doing the M112 swap that is often inquired about in the V6 section would be pretty gnarly too.  Hmm, 125 shot!

MM: What is the best aspect of being a mustang owner?

Omz: The best aspect of owning a mustang?  Its recognizable by almost everyone,  and is extremely impressionable on young children.  I don’t live in the biggest of cities and often find my self driving by middle schools where every kid just stares as I go by.

MM: Who is the most likeable guy on the forum?

Omz: Their are a number of people that stand out in my mind,  and oddly enough they are our female mustang enthusiasts,  everyone likes them… dunno why

MM: Who is going to the next victim of your rampage of rage?

Omz: I like to think that those days are behind me,  but if I get a chance,  I would love to take down Derrick.

MM: Are you jealous of Drgnracn72’s relationship with Bwal09?

Omz: I am! Stephen knows that I claimed Bubba months before he did so he can just back the f*** off.

MM: You once ate 3 hot dogs, in retrospect does that now seem like “weaksauce”?

Omz: Yes sir,  compared to my 20 McNugget and a McDouble cheese burger quest that I accomplished not once,  but twice.
MM: What is the best Mustang ever produced?

Omz: 1969 Boss 302, no question about it, and if its yellow, bonus points.

MM: Have you ever wondered who would win if Acmillr and Unzippee Squared off UFC style?

Omz: I think that Acmillr is rather intimidating, but Rick is a bad a$$. Rick would dominate in my opinion.

MM: I think Jasonic should develop a donut scented candle,  do you agree?

Omz: I would buy a dozen,  no doubt,  in a heart beat.  Then I think I would rub the hot wax all over my body.
MM: You like to take a lot pictures,  what or who,  got you into photography?

Omz: My friend Brandon did.  He showed up at my house last summer late one night with this massive camera he “borrowed” from school and said “check this s*** out!”  I was hooked from then on.

MM: What is the best picture you ever took?

Omz: I’m not to sure.  either one of these two.
but keep in mind i’m just an amateur photographer that shoots for fun,  and more so I find my self usually taking pictures during the winter when the environment is optimal or anything.  Ask me this one again this summer and I will find you a better one.  Or you can go through the APAD thread and just see some of mine and other photo’s on this site.


MM: If under the threat that your car would be painted pink and yellow if you did not pick one,  which would you choose the “bannana lamma” airbrushed along your driver side door or a big freaking vinyl of a running pony?

Omz: Banana Llama,  only if its upside down.  but I would prefer it to be on the hood and really large like.


(If your still readin that was the end ^^^)