Oops! Fabrizio Giugiaro + Concept Mustang = Curb Rash

Giugiaro MustangRemeber the famous Giugiaro Mustang Concept from back in 2006? While it’s pretty old news at this point, it’s actually quite important as it clued the world in on Ford’s determination to bring Mustang enthusiasts something new and exciting by 2010. Whether or not the next generation ponycar has an Italian flare is still open for debate, however one thing isn’t – Fabrizio Giugiaro can’t drive.

Huh? Well I guess we all make mistakes. This one, however, probably cost more than a brand new Mustang itself… and this was just a wheel! A one of a kind concept wheel.

Just last week the highly touted concept Mustang  was transported to Bulgaria after it was presented at an auto show in Los Angeles. By Friday it hit the streets as Fabrizio took the 500 horsepower supercar out for a spin to meet Sofia mayor Boyko Borisso.

Scratched Giugiaro Ford Mustang Concept Wheel

Unfortunately, all wasn’t well as he caught alittle curb rash parking this priceless car on a narrow street in the capital city. Wow, Mustang news must be pretty scarce to post something like this, heh. Rock on MM’ers.