Orange Crush

July 2010, a lifelong relationship was created between man and machine when Andy,  aka MachStang! bought his first mustang, a 2003 with a V6. Mach spent 2 years with this Mustang before he decided it was time to upgrade and step into a more powerful horse. One hot summer day in August of 2012, a trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan would bring to reality a lifelong dream of owning a competition orange steed. At the time of purchase, it was completely bone stock with the exceptions of a BBK CAI and a full off road Mach 1 cat back exhaust system. The car was meticulously cared for by the previous owner and only had 74K miles on the clock. The GT sat in a garage for most of its life when not out cruising the streets of Michigan. Andy would change that.

Andy quickly got to work swapping the black chrome FR500’s from his old mustang to his new GT. Shortly after the wheel upgrade Mach decided it was time to nail down some corners so he opted for some suspension upgrades which included lowering his GT with H&R SS springs coupled with Tokico Blue shocks and struts. The suspension upgrades were swiftly followed by a new Mach 1 grille and chin addition along with new factory replacement headlights from American Muscle to complete the front.

As time progressed so did Mach’s ambitions to continue his upgrades. Mach met a friend from Modded Mustangs who was a huge help to him and a second set of eyes to help with his Mustang’s transformation as well as offering some mechanical expertise. Rocco, contributed to the modification and even helped with the install. Together they bolted on a BBK 76mm throttle intake and were at this time taking a serious look at some new bump sticks. After debating on what camshafts to settle with he eventually placed an order for CMS 262 stage 1 cams. It was finally time to crack open the chest and add a new heart. To complete this transplant, Andy planned a 4 day vacation to beautiful Tennessee to visit Rocco and install the new CMS 262 cams. 3 days later after a few small hurdles, she started right up and thumped away. After being tuned by Ortiz Performance, the new GT was purring like a young lion. Shortly after, Mach added two 10″ Rockford Fosgate P3 subs with a RF 1000watt amplifier which was paired to his Kenwood sat/nav radio.

To help get the new power down to the ground more efficiently, Andy installed a set of FRRP 3.73 gears. The mod list has not yet stopped. Andy is currently planning a built short block, upgraded heads and bigger cams, and a more efficient fuel delivery system to support a shot of some giggle juice. Andy tells me his overall goal to be around 350-375 RWHP. For his no fear approach to modding his daily driver, we are proud to award MachStang! the August 2013 “Daily Driven” ROTM.

Bonus Cam Video!

article written by: SSG Pate