Dressed in blue and chrome, demanding your attention, October 2013 ROTM winner, xocolleenox, shows some Mustang love and loyalty with her 2007 GT vert. With the pictures to prove it, she is making this mustang one you’ll remember. From internet flirtation to the eventual face to face meeting, Colleen was able to snag a steed she could settle down with.  But what relationship doesn’t come with a little dose of heartache?

Baltimore, Maryland is home to Colleen, aka xocolleenox, a long time lover of the pony. After a three year relationship with a windveil blue 2007 v6, she set her sights on V8 power. Following a period of internet drooling, Colleen found a beauty in blue she could spend her life with. She picked up a 2007 GT in untouched form. After owning the car a mere three months, heartbreak unexpectedly showed. Colleen had ordered a black billet grille to break the stock seal on her steed. The very next day, a runaway pizza truck gave her love an unexpected facelift. During the repair process, instead of settling with the factory look, she upgraded, adding a color-matched scoop, Scott Drake hood pins, CDC aggressive chin spoiler, remote flip license plate, and the billet grille that started it all.

An Eibach Pro Kit helps things get down low, while drilled and slotted rotors peek mischievously from behind the spokes of a set of chrome Saleens. Curves are handled with Tokico D spec shocks and struts and BMR adjustable panhard purchased from fellow member, Xkape, keeps the rear end tight. Breaths are taken thru a Steeda color matched CAI and Pypes axle backs let you know she’s coming. Round that out with a Bama racetune and you’ve got a keeper.

With a little turtle buddy resting on her RPM gauge pod, Colleen daily drives her pride and joy. However, that does not mean she doesn’t have any more plans on the horizon. A Hurst line-lock is in the works as well as an air conditioning delete (you have to get permission to fiddle with her buttons). Colleen would also like to thank her “Camaro loving, Charger owning cousin” who makes all her mods possible.

Colleen has proven her love for her Mustang is still blossoming. What started as internet puppy love is now a real and tangible product of her efforts. Through trials and heartbreak, she remains dedicated to the hobby. For her commitment to her steed, we are proud to deem xocolleenox the October 2013 ROTM winner.



article written by:  Shelbydog!