Picture Perfect

Photography is about having the perfect subject to photograph, at the perfect time, with the perfect lighting.  A lot goes in to making that photograph perfect. You can compare it to building the perfect car.  You have to have the perfect paint, the perfect wheels, and so on.  Should it come as any surprise to you then that the perfect example of a car is brought to you by Modded Mustangs resident photo expert?

The expert that I am writing of is Erin May, BKA as Emay.  He brings us this fine example in automotive perfection that is the March Ride of the Month.

To start building this perfect photo if you will, Erin chose a black 2007 Mustang GT.  Choosing the GT was a hard decision for Erin that took two years of debate.  You see, growing up Mustang was a forbidden word in Erins household.  “10 years ago I would never have owned a Mustang it was forbidden in family and friends.” states Erin.  As Erin and his friends grew older, or matured, they realized that the Ford Mustang could provide the perfect canvas to display their talents.  Owning a side business of customizing motorcycles and cars helped Erin broaden his views and open his mind to customizing different vehicles.  After looking at this GT, we are glad it happened.

After massaging in a Cervinis C-series bodykit, and Ram-air hood to ensure proper fitment, the kit was dropped off at Coverall Technologies to be painted.  Once the painting was finished, Erin picked everything up so he could reinstall it.  Scott Drake hoodpins keep that ram-air hood held down nicely.   Midco Tinting handled the chore of darkening the windows.  Adding to the exterior look is a flat black faux gas cap and Eleanor fender badges.  To help Erin see on those dark nights a VVME HID conversion was installed along with a set of PIAA foglights.  For the show lovers a Whelen police strobe kit was added.

Having all that done and not having the proper wheels to compliment the look is like wearing tennis shoes with an Armani suit.  Not wanting to be “that guy” Erin installed a set of NAD wheels with a 20×8.5 in the front and a 20×10 in the rear.  Nitto rubber surrounds all 4 wheels.

To get the car out of 4×4 mode, and help plant all of the power that this car was going to see, Erin relied on a set of Eibach Prokit lowering springs, and what could be considered the BMR catalog.  That catalog consists of a BMR K-member, lower control arms, LCA relocation brackets, adjustable upper control arms, strut tower brace, and an adjustable panhard bar.  A GT500 Brembo conversion with Rotor Pro drilled and slotted rotors and Hawk HPS pads handle the duty of stopping this beast nicely.

All this flash outside, and a plain jane interior would not do.  With that in mind, Erin started tweaking the interior.  An embroidered rear deck lid overlay, hydrocarbon wrapped console and radio plate, and Crazy Horse Racing climate control knobs give the car a subtle, yet striking touch of class.  An SOS pillar mount dual gauge pod with Autometer Cobalt series boost and fuel pressure gauges, SOS cupholder switch panel, and Raptor shift light help Erin keep tabs on everything around him.

Nothing sounds as good as a nice exhaust on a Mustang, however sometimes you just need some real music to jam out while cruising.  To listen to his favorite tunes Erin installed a Pioneer F90bt headunit feeding a set of HiFonics amps.  The amps then send their signal to Polk Audio seperates and 2 10″ JL Audio 10W7 subs.

Anyone would be proud to drive the car as it sat. However, when you have something that looks that good, you are going to get challenges from those who want to try to go a round. If you want to answer those challenges you better be packing some serious power.  With 495rwhp and 460tq this car should be able to handle those who step up to the plate. Taking the motor to that power level is an intercooled Procharger running 11lbs of boost.  A custom made 3″ cold air intake and Nitrous Express intercooler spray keep the air temps nice and chilly.  Kooks headers and catted x-pipe let the motor exhale easily.  Fuel and spark are supplied by dual GT500 fuel pumps, 60# injectors, Metco fuel rails, and HTO spark plugs.

Getting the car off the line consistantly is a PMP dual solenoid line lock.  The power is transferred down the drive train through a Spydershaft one piece aluminum driveshaft that is held safely in place by a BMR driveshaft loop.  A set of 4.10 gears put the power to the tires.

As you should be able to tell by now, boring is not a word that is in Erins vocabulary. So a boring engine compartment was not going to cut it.  It had to be dressed up.  Custom powder coating by Ready Powder Coating of Streamwood IL, a polished supercharger and mounting bracket, Steeda strut tower accents, Motoblue fuel pressure adapter and gauge, and Optima battery ensure that under the hood is anything but blah.  Custom logo’s and graphics were applied by GZ sings of Roselle IL.

Not only does Erin think this masterpiece is the perfect picture, so do the judges apparantly.  The car has won countless awards including 4 individual awards at 1 NMRA event in Joliet, and 2006 to present Best of Class at Chicago World Of Wheels in January 2008.

What does Erin like most about owning this showstopper? I will let him tell you.  “I’ve met and made so many friends over this car it’s not even remotely funny.  The cars a conversation piece for the young, middle aged and elderly.  Some savory characters out there too. Believe you me.”

Erin would like to extend his thanks to the following:
Nick @ Straightline in New Lennox, IL
Dan Fabris @ Ready Powdercoating in Streamwood, IL
Ron Sperling @ All Autobody in Wooddale, IL
Pat Scorzetti @ American Hydrocarbon
Alan @ Speed of Sound LLC

“A special thanks to my wife Tammy for putting up with my hobby and my brother Brian for being there with a second set of hands.

We cannot forget about Glenn (HeavyGT) and the income he provided by having me work on his car on the regular. His money bought numerous items in Eleanor.”
Erin would like to add that a majority of this work was accomplished by himself.
So now you see that not only does Erin take finding the perfect picture very seriously, he takes building the perfect Mustang just as seriously.

Article by James Kleinheinz (M.P. Cobra Fan)