R3dfyre02 & Graystang01 Military Appreciation

MM Screen Name:  R3dfyre02

Name and Rank:  Michael J Schollian E-5 (Sgt)

Years/Months in the Service:  June 94 – September 04

MM:  What made you want to join the military?

R3dfyre02:  I joined because when I was a kid I always listened to my grandpa telling about his time on the USN Lafayette.  His stories always interested me so much.  The Military was a easy way for me to get out of my hometown of Ontario Oregon.  Growing up my family life was something less than desirable.  I knew if I didn’t get out of the area completely then I would never become anything.  When certain teachers in my High School heard I was thinking about joining the US Marines I was told point blank, “Don’t try it Mike, you will never make it.”  Well that right there made me decide that I was either going Marines or not at all.

MM:  What did you like most about it?

R3dfyre02:  Out of all the things I did in the Marines I liked the travelling the most.  I mean seriously how else is a 20 year old going to go out and see 28 different countries before he turns 21? all the sights, smells (OK, some of the smells really sucked. ever had a camel blow its nose on you from 10 feet away?), and the food, I loved the foods.

MM:  Biggest dislike?

R3dfyre02:  Trying to think what I really didn’t like,  sure there was the random petty things, cleaning the barracks top to bottom every Thursday,  picking up trash outside the barracks which include cigarette butts when I don’t smoke, random screaming sessions from the First Sergent, but is there really any one thing that stands out? not really.

MM:  Best Memory?

R3dfyre02:  My best memory? wow, there were so many.  Do I mention when one of my PFC’s got on the back of some poor Iraqi’s cow and rode it down the main path of some little no name village after we evicted the bad guys? or home comings? those were great.  gone for 6 months or more and stepping off a plane and being attacked by little kids screaming DADDY!!! or just chilling in the barracks drinking beer with my friends.  There were so many good times.  but I guess the best would have to be the camaraderie.  The feeling of belonging.

MM:  Can you tell us about one person in the service who has affected your life most?

R3dfyre02:  Sgt Joseph J. Mach was the biggest influence n me.  When I first got promoted to NCO he took me under his wing so to speak and taught me how to be a leader.  Showed me how to earn respect from my Marines rather than pin on my stripes and demand it.  He taught me about the carrot and the stick.

MM Screen Name:  Graystang01

Name & Rank:  Aaron White E3

Years/Months in the Service:  1 Yr 4 months

MM:  What made you want to join the military?

Graystang01:  I had always wanted to join the military but was encouraged by my family to go to college.  I went for a year and my scholarship got pulled.  After that, it was either join the military or work in a factory making next to nothing.

MM:  What do you like most about it?

Graystang01:  The camaraderie.  I never had friends back home like the ones I have now.

MM:  Biggest dislike?

Graystang01:  All the tech school BS.  If one kid in the squadron messes up, the entire squadron gets punished.  I understand the reasoning behind it but if I’ve never seen that kid before, how am I really supposed to do anything about it?

MM:  Best Memory?

Graystang01:  I’ve had so much fun in tech school it’s hard to narrow it down.  I did meet a pimp a few months ago

MM:  Can you tell us about one person in the service who has affected your life most?

Graystang01:  It would have to be my dad.  He served 4 years in the Marines.  He tells me all the time he wishes he had stayed in and encourages me to make the Air Force a career.  I would have never joined had it not been for him.