Restoring a Snakes Identity

So how do you go from a canary yellow 94′ Mustang GT to a turbocharged all black 1997 Cobra? This is just what 01Sportchic did to win the March Rotm contest from by three votes.  First of all you need connections, like Jake (a great boyfriend) who owns his own shop.  Next you would need an abused mismatched Cobra that an owner wants to bail out on cheap at said shop.  Lastly you need that love at first site moment, Danielle (01Sportchic) was looking at this then supercharged car with dull paint and mismatched Cobra R parts on it when she told her boyfriend “Man, poor car! If I owned it, it would be so clean all the time”.
A few weeks later the owner was looking to move to move the car.  This was great! But in order to afford the car Danielle would have to sell most of the performance mods and basically return it to stock.  After purchasing the car and starting the de-modding process Danielle realized the car had an iron block instead of the aluminum block that Cobra’s from that year come with.  Come to find out the engine had been blown and one of the previous owners had cheaply patched the Cobra with the short block from a 03 GT.

This car which has been a daily driver since Danielle bought it in 07  has come a long way since then.  A full UPR Suspension with KYB shocks and struts and Steeda C/C plates help plant the 460 wheel horsepower and 480 lbs of torque produced by the 10 psi of air being forced into the engine via the precision 61mm turbo and Power by the Hour custom turbo Kit.  A pretty beefy fuel system was needed for the E85 fuel that Danielle wanted to use so 80lb injectors and a 255 Walbro In tank and inline pump were needed along with custom high flow fuel rails.

After removing the Cobra R parts Danielle went with a Saleen Spoiler and replica 03 Cobra wheels painted black along with JDM style headlights with black housings.  As well as a cabinet full of detailing supplies Danielle has, with the help of her awesome boyfriend returned the car to its former glory.