Retail Version of the Hertz GT-H Mustang to Be Produced

Hertz Mustang GT-HFord starting prepping for production a retail version of the Shelby made Hertz GT-H rental car. The news was revealed to Ford dealers at a dealer meeting in Las Vegas last week. This will be the third in a potentially a long line-up of special edition Mustangs inspired and produced under Carrol Shelby’s guidance.

The car will be a 2007 model and production will be at least a few thousand. No word if the Shelby GT will differ from the rental car in any way, either visually or mechanically. Special thanks to John Neff for emailing us about this, you can find the orginal article he wrote here.

We’re not to sure what to think of this. As we reported earlier, Shelby has expressed interest in getting more special model Mustangs into production, but to rip the Hertz model this is unexpected to say the least. Ford used to own Hertz, and the ball was rolling on the Hertz GT-H revival long before the deal was made (for 5.6 billion dollars by the way) to produce a Mustang for the rental fleet.

The sale of off-lease Hertz GT-H Mustangs have been speculated to be worth as much as $100k, now it’s doubtful to bring much more than the cost of a new GT. When it comes to collector cars, it’s all in the production numbers.

UPDATE: 8/10/2006 – Ford has officially announced the planned production of this vehicle, to be called “Shelby GT” and will be available in either black or white – both with silver stripes. Expect 325 horsepower and a January sales date. Look for more details as information is released.