ROTM Flashback: Serlin

While most Mustang owners are interested in quarter mile E.T.’s and breakneck launches. There is another group of guys who garner their thrills from the G forces of a hairpin turn or the rush of a perfectly executed S-curve. One such racer is Serlin. His passion for auto crossing has fueled the vision for his 2000 Mustang GT.

With the amount of time and money invested in this car you would probably expect a 500 hp car to roll onto the track. Instead you will see a finely tuned corner carving machine that makes 350z owners jealous with envy.

The suspension starts with some Steeda sport springs up front and H&R race springs in the rear. For shocks he uses Koni yellow adjustable shocks. An aftermarket Steeda 1.25 inch front sway bar and Sub frame connectors are welded in to reinforce the chassis. CC Plates a Ken Bell 3pt. strut tower brace, Steeda X2 ball joints, Steeda bump steer kit and a set of Cobra offset inner a arm bushings help control the toe and camber settings and keep the front end in planted in high speed cornering. The Steeda rear shock tower brace has been welded in and a Maximum Motorsports Panhard Bar and Maximum Motorsports torque arm have been installed to round out the suspension mods.

The drivetrain has been lightly modified to suit this style of racing with some simple intake upgrades like an Accufab 70mm throttle body mated to a C&L plenum. To help the exhaust side Serlin added an O/R X pipe with Flow Master 40’s and finished his power making mods with a Predator Tuner and custom 93 octane tune which put down 256 rwhp 296 tq.

Upgrading the rest of the drivetrain to handle the rigors of auto crossing was a must so a King Cobra clutch, FRPP aluminum drive shaft ,Tri Ax shifter and Torsion T2R rear differential were added along with a set of FRPP 3.73 gears.

We all know there is more to driving than going fast then turning. So any true track car needs a brake upgrade and Serlin did just that with a 2000 Cobra R brake kit utilizing Hawk DTC-70 (DTC-60 for the rears) track pads and Goodridge SS lines. To keep these brakes cool he added the Mid Continental Mustang’s front brake cooling duct kit.

To keep track of his engine he added an Autometer Ultralite oil pressure and water temperature gauge. He than added the Sparco Evo 3 Seat and Sparco mounting kit w/sliders to keep himself firmly in place while blazing through the corners. Finally an Autopower road race roll bar w/removable bar, Weisco 5 pt. Harness help keep all four tires on the road. When your flying down a the homestretch you don’t have time to watch your tachometer so a Raptor shift light was added to aid in this area.

Now you can’t win a ROTM without having a good looking car and Serlin has accomplished this with a functional Cervini 2000 Cobra R front bumper and Keanan heat extractor hood. He also two sets of wheels for the Street he eploys a set 18 x 9 Steeda Ultra lights with 275 40 tire. For the track he runs 98 Cobra R’s that are 17×9 with Nitto NT 01’s.

If you think you might like to Auto-x I would encourage you to check out Serlin’s Numerous track vids that can be found here: