Science of Simplicity

MRKsD3: The V6 wins…….say what?!?

That’s right, July’s ROTM winner is MRKsD3, aka Marks Torch Red. Mark’s victory with his 2004 3.9L V6, is the first time a sixxer has won ROTM since June of 2009, when Zatrekaz took the prize.  He was just excited to be nominated, but was both shocked and honored to have won and gives all the other cars tons of credit.  Before he acquired the Mustang, Mark was the owner of a 1983 BMW 318i.  He bought his Mustang in March of 2005 as his daily driver and six years later, it has 98k miles.

Since this is his daily, Mark has kept his mods simple, yet appealing.  It has Eibach springs, staggered 18″ black Saleens, MAC intake and a 91 octane tune.  To finish it off, he’s added a GT rear bumper with black letter inserts to compliment the flowmaster 40 dual exhaust and GT side scoops.  Up front, a Mach 1 chin spoiler and grille delete with both HID fog and headlights.

Mark didn’t think he had a chance running in ROTM with all the modded and blown V8’s, but all the sixxers got together to put him on top in order to get the win . Currently, Mark is focusing on other things in his life right now, but will slowly work toward the modifications he has planned for his car in the future.  This is just the start for Mark’s D3 New Edge and is your July 2011 ROTM.