Tale of a Screaming Cobra!

This months ROTM is brought to you by 89StangGT! He is the lucky owner of this beautiful Screaming Yellow 2004 Cobra. ┬áHis Mustang affair began with a Mineral Gray 01 Cobra and after many tasteful mods, he eventually upgraded to it’s big brother the Terminator! Although it may not be a fire breathing monster like most people expect a Terminator to be, a 2.90″ RR pulley, quality tune and help from it’s faithful owner, it has ran a best time of [email protected] 117mph! That will surely be enough to surprise a lot of unsuspecting prey at the drag strip!

On the outside, this beautiful Cobra doesn’t look much different then it did the day it rolled off the showroom floor, but now includes two sets of wheels and tires. ┬áThe track set are Weld Alumastars & Bogart RT’s, while the CCW classics are what he uses when he wants to ride around in style! In 2004 Ford produced 299 Screaming Yellow Cobra coupes and to own one of those cars must be a treat! This Cobra truly deserves it’s spot on the podium amongst the other custom Mustangs on this forum!

Article written by: TaintedStang