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  1. Switching to e85

    Modular Mustangs
    Uh wut.....there has been big proven difference in power gains and safety when using e85
  2. Toomnymods Armageddon twin turbo install thread

    Modular Mustangs
    Oh my you should've warned me to grab Kleenex for that rev
  3. Switching to e85

    Modular Mustangs
    I hear big pro is you can safely run higher timing, more hp. another pro is its cheaper. cons: mileage goes way down, finding it depending where ur at may not be easy.
  4. It feels good to be boosted!

    Modular Mustangs
    How scary was it grinding on the install? that's the only thing that sketches me out. BTW Congrats :) I'm sure you're grinning ear to ear everytime you look at the engine bay now.
  5. V6 and Gt Differences

    V6 Mustangs
    Everyone's listed some pretty great responses, I'll keep it short. If you can afford the V8 get it, if power is what you want (sounds like it) then go v8 you'll have more growing room on stock internals then the v6 will ever have (I hear they max around 450WHP) but if pricing is determining...
  6. Neat Picture I Took At Work

    V6 Mustangs
    The lighting really makes this picture :) good job.
  7. Side exhaust exits on an '03 V6

    V6 Mustangs
    Yup! As everyone else has said, you'll need the skirts to look good, I've had them previously but ended up selling, to get a good looking side exhaust prepare to spend $$$$$$$$
  8. Bassani exhaust for 2014 3.7 DIB

    V6 Mustangs
    Hey sorry, I haven't been very active but I have Bassani Axleback paired with Longtube headers, and love it, I'm sure you love your setup as well.
  9. Rainbow's 2008 GT500 Build

    The Clubhouse
    Glad you stuck with it man, Car sounds mean, and of course a 600+ RWHP GT500 is always nice too :)
  10. ZombieFro's The Little Sixxer That Could.

    The Clubhouse
    Holy **** it's been a bit since I've stumbled on this site, but time to revisit :) This is my 2011 V6 Ford Mustang, I bought it used for 16k basic nothing fancy. After having the car through winter, summer rolled in and of course I was getting the itch. Needless to say I jumped in feet first...
  11. The Post A Pic Of Your Ride As It Sits, Thread...

  12. what size header bolts

    V6 Mustangs
    +1 stock bolts should work just fine.
  13. Gear Swap

    V6 Mustangs
    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that's an absurd amount, a decent amount of work has to go into installing gears
  14. The Official Exhaust Thread (2011+ v6)

    2011+ V6
    Sounds like a tame version of me :) BBK Longtube Headers BBK Offroad Midpipe Bassani Axle Back
  15. My 2011 V6 VS My brother's 2007 HEMI Charger

    Street 101
    I mean mine has some slight mods, his has none, also he says he even notices the power just falls after 100
  16. 2011 V6 Mustang Pull

    V6 Mustangs
    Thanks, the car had 4 ppl in it, so it was feelin' a little heavy, but still pulled nicely.
  17. 2011 V6 Mustang Pull

    V6 Mustangs
    Just a little fun on the highway
  18. 2011 V6 Mustang vs 2010 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 Track

    V6 Mustangs
    Just a friendly race with the brother in law, he said he was gonna return his car after it :lmao
  19. Slight Exhaust Rattle

    V6 Mustangs
    on the rev
1-20 of 444 Results