Sex Never Looked So Clean

November’s ROTM brought out a stiff field of competition, but one stood taller than the rest. That car was a vert that has been converted into anything but your average Cobra.  M.P. Cobra Fan has shown that he has spared no expense and overlooked no details when it came to putting together his 2001 mineral gray Mustang Cobra.  Let me paint a mental picture for you, and for those of you that lack imagination, M.P. was kind enough to supply us with some eye candy as well.

Close your eyes and imagine a car that looks like it was so effortlessly put together, that every detail was so carefully and meticulously chosen that even the manufacturer is jealous.  This was a look that was not put together for any one particular feature to have shock value, but for the portrait to come together seamlessly as a whole.  Imagine the sleek new edge body lines smothered in flawless mineral gray paint reminiscent more of a mirror then a car.  Then you take all of that sex, pull the spoiler, paint the windshield frame, add tinted head and tail lamps and windows, Kaenen Hood, Termi chin and side skirts, and custom paint a few odds and ends.  Then you slap an Eibach pro kit, and stick a pair of shiny black Saleens underneath and what you have is a masterpiece that has twice been voted second to none.

M.P. bought his car in August of 2007, and coincidentally caught the mod bug shortly after.  He bought it because he had wanted one since High School, and the way the new edge body lines flowed projected a sleek and mean look he had instantly loved.  It was also a look that based on his modifications he felt could be improved upon. Since then the Cobra has seen a few different configurations, each one bringing us closer to the car we voted supreme.
His favorite part about owning his car is when people look at it and try to figure out why it looks so different from a regular Mustang.  He also really likes when parents of little kids tell him that their kid just loves his car.  Oddly enough one of the things he loves the most about his Cobra is also the thing he dislikes the most, and that is that fact that it is a convertible.  He loves the openness of driving with the top down, but dislikes how it limits him as far as track use, therefore he has designated his car for mall cruising and if you look in his garage you will see his quarter mile time is determined based on the speed of traffic.

M.P. Cobra Fan has another sickness as well, and if you frequent a certain sub forum you would know that this is detailing.  This illness has very few treatment options other than spending money and spending hours in the garage cleaning nooks and crannies that the average person is not even aware exists.  It is obvious that M.P. takes a lot of pride in his car, and when asked about whether he was excited about winning, he said, “I was really excited to win.  My car was built for me and my tastes, but whenever someone compliments me or likes the car enough to vote for it in something like this is brings a little of that pride out.”

Now you would think that after winning ROTM twice with this beautiful Cobra, it would be about perfect and he would be finished with it. Not so much! I was informed in a private message that since he had recently picked up a daily driver and the Cobra was relinquished to the Daily Driver retirement home in Naples, that now, the heavy modifications will start.  He plans to do a complete rear end build, forced induction, and a few other odds and ends that have been in the plans for a while.  I have only one thing to say to that, Subscribed!

Congratulations to M.P. Cobra Fan from Modded Mustangs for winning your 2nd ROTM.

Article Written by RZNCAIN!