Shelby GT500 Burning Up Wallets

Shelby GT500 BurnoutA member of our forums contacted us yesterday to inform us their local Ford Dealership has a GT500 convertible in stock, and we wouldn’t believe the price. As we reported earlier, dealers were expected to mark up Ford’s most powerful Mustang ever… but just how much? How about $20,000 over MSRP! That’s right, Cook County Ford in south Georgia has a “bottom line price” of $68,590 for a 2007 Ford Shelby GT500 Convertible.

It doesn’t stop there. A quick check on eBay show current bids exceeding $60k with buy it now’s above $90k. Lone Star Ford in Houston, TX want’s $91,967 for their GT500 – and it’s a coupe. On their sales page, Lone Star suggests they want to become the nation’s #1 eDealer in volume sales, claiming they have the staff to do it. A “nuclear physicist”, “baptist preacher”, and “computer genius” head up their internet department. Personally, I think they need a “rocket scientist” to figure out that consumers remember price gouging, and it’s too hot in Texas to sell snowmobiles.

Unfortunately for enthusiasts, it’s all about supply -vs- demand. The GT500 was supposed to be an entry level supercar the average American could afford, instead their being whored out to the highest bidder. I hope enthusiasts realize it’s not the car’s fault.