Shelby GT500 – Dealer Pricing

2007 Shelby GT500 Ford MustangToday Ford announced an official MSRP of $42,975 for the Shelby GT500. This includes charges for destination ($745) and binge drinking tariff (gas guzzler: $1,300) and comes in the wake of extremely high demand. Ford recently announced they would increase production to 9,000 units this year in hopes to reduce Dealer gouging concerns and satisfy consumers.

Nevertheless, dealers are expected to gouge in the showrooms by as much as $30,000 in some reports, and some have already pre-sold on eBay with that markup. While Ford has been discouraging dealers from marking up the vehicles, it’s our opinion that very few of these cars will actually sell for MSRP (remember the gouging caused by short supply of the 2005 Mustang?). You heard it here first.

On a more positive note, Ford spokesman Jim Cain said shipment of the GT500’s “should begin within a couple weeks, by July at the latest,” and “The car will be hitting the road, and more people will get the opportunity to see it.”

PS: The first GT500 was auctioned to benefit Carrol Shelby Children’s Foundation at $600K. I suppose alittle price gouging doesn’t seem so bad afterall :)