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my slow ass mustang with more than 100k miles. i got it as a birthday gift when i was 16 years old. i didnt do anything to it except a cold air intake from ebay and one single magnaflow muffler with a chrome tip along with chrome halo wa i stupid. i then joined the forum and still didnt mod my car until my friend started to mod his 04 the same color as mine. thats where it begin...i put on dual exhaust with flowmasters and chrome tips. after that i got longtubes along with some wild ported heads, ported upper and lower intakes, vap intake spacer,cobra injectors, 4.10s with t-lok and underdrive pulley. it had a power adder but got removed for college funds. it was an m112 kit. i sold that and got a nitrous kit from my girlfriend and i also got rid of it because i didnt want to blow this motor up. now im currently in the process of obtaining a windstar kit and a stall converter for a fun sixxer n/a set up.


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