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General Information

Mustang Notch
Heres the list of parts it now has,(updated 28 august 11)

1987 LX Coupe Mods.
Engine: 302/5.0 roller, stock bore.
Stock forged pistons
Stock cam
Ported and polished 93 heads.
GT 40 Explorer intake
Edelbrock 65mm tb/egr spacer
Pete Jackson Noisy Gear drive timing set.
MSD TFI Blaster coil
MSD Pro billet dist.
Msd cap and rotor
FMS Red wires
FMS Under drive pullies
March ram air kit
Hi Vol oil pump
FMS Heavy duty Oil pump drive shaft
Canton windage tray crank scraper
New FMS oil pan
Short belt no smog pump, all smog removed including egr
New alt battery ign module
electric fan from a late 90's v6 stang


MAC 1 5/8” equal shorty headers
2.5” off road SS h pipe
Gutted am thunder 40 series Flows
Mac 2.5" tails with home made 3" stainless tips


BBK Lowering springs
FMS Heavy duty sway bar on front
Kenney Brown super SBF connectors
KYB Agx adjustable shocks and struts
Southside machine lower lift bars
Southside machine upper control arms

All ceramic pads and shoes, new cross drilled rotors new drums.

Wheels and tires
Fats and skinnys Summit racing star wheels. 15x8 and 15x4
MT ET Streets on rear 255-60-15

Trans and rear:

WC T5 with D and D super alloy gears and all upgrades 3.35 gear set modified to T5Z spec
Billet steel 3-4 sync keys.
Pro 50 power tower shifter
Homemade short handle with black hurst ball.

King cobra clutch
FMS alum drive shaft
Billet steel flywheel
3.73 with auburn pro diff

Steeda adj clutch cable and quad with fire wall adjuster

Mobil 1 10w30 motor oil
kn oil filter
Mobil 1 syn trans fluid
Added pony dash emblem and 140 speedo.
B&M Oil and Water gauges
5" tach with shift light.

First time to track with stock intake and the stock clutch fan it ran [email protected] 1.98 60ft.

Havent been back to track since I changed intake and went to elec fan



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