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Sephie started life as a bone stock Mustang, but when I found her, I was in love...she had everything that I had ever wanted in my first Mustang, she was a vert, a 5 speed, had a sexy black leather interior, and a 5.0 that made lots of growly noises. She got her first booboo the day i put the down payment on her, I gave the owner $100 and told her I would be back on friday to pay the difference. The girl selling it did not know how to drive a stick (the car used to be her dads), and told me she would move it off the front lawn, then gave the car too much gas and backed into the side of her garage, cracking the rear bumper. The girl apologized like crazy and knocked $600 off the car, promising me a new bumper. I have never got the bumper painted to match the car because I eventually want to paint the car Tuxedo Black Pearl (factory Ford Escape color).

I named her Persephone (Sephie for short) after the Greek goddess of Spring, who goes to the Underworld to visit her husband Hades part of the year, causing the warmth and happiness to be sucked out of the world and bringing about winter; I thought the name was very fitting for a car that makes me smile every time I drive her, but can only have as much fun with during the summer.

Sephie was the first car I ever modded myself, back when I had Bridget, I had some work done to her, but I had everything done either by friends or shops, I never turned a wrench on her myself for fear of screwing something up. When I got Sephie though, I decided I was going to tear into her head first and learn about cars.

She's come a long ways since that fateful day that I bought first order of business was to freshen up the pony's steering components, so I replaced the steering rack with one out of a 2003 Cobra, making the steering wheel much tighter and more responsive, rather than slapping about uselessly side to side. I also replaced all the speakers with new OEM Mach 460 ones, and put in a good Kenwood deck with clearer sound, threw on a K&N Intake, and for a little while had a pair of 10" subs, though I ultimately decided that until I get a custom box made to maximize the size of my trunk, I liked trunk space more than bass.

My next modification came unexpectedly, I met a friend who had a 2004 Cobra that he was in the process of turning into a full out drag car, gutted interior, caged, the works. He told me that he would be willing to trade straight across for my solid rear axle, and he would give me his independant rear suspension. Since I am more into driving fast along twisty mountain roads and doing a bit of autocross, this was perfect for me, and I jumped on it. Along with the IRS came a few extra mods I hadn't planned on, I ended up getting the Bilstein shocks, Cobra brakes, Stainless Steel brake lines, a Magnaflow Cat-Back, and 3.27 gears, up from 2.73s.

A few months later, I decided that I needed to freshen up the front suspension, and so contacted the same guy that gave me the IRS swap, and was able to get him to give me the front suspension components as well...I ended up getting the 13" Brembo brakes, Bilstein struts, Cobra control arms, and another set of Stainless steel brake lines all for $300.

While I had the car in the shop, on a lift, I decided that it was as good a time as ever to replace the clutch and rear main seal, so I gave her a HDX RAM Clutch, FRPP flywheel, and OEM pilot and throwout bearings.

My next few plans are first to get some H&R SuperSport springs and full length subframe connectors, then start beefing up the horsepower, I want to pick up a pair of GT-40X heads with 1.7 rockers and an intake manifold that I would have ported out (hopefully the SVO tubular intake if I can find one for a good price), some 24# injectors, walbro 255lph fuel pump, a 90MM MAF, 75MM throttle body, some longtube headers and X-Pipe, and then tie it all together with a Comp Cams Stage 1 cam. I'm not going for anything too crazy, just somewhere around 275-300 horsepower and great handling without having to switch to coilovers. I might throw a 100 shot of nitrous on it for fun, but I don't ever plan on going the FI route with it anytime soon.


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